The Mother of Pearl
The Mother of Pearl
The Mother of Pearl
The Mother of Pearl
The Mother of Pearl

The Mother of Pearl

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Meet MOTHER’s bottle of holiday glow!

We are here to boost your confidence to go foundation free and to shield your skin from environmental stressors such as pollution and free radicals. Like everything we do - we are here to serve and nourish your skin first and looking like a bronzed dewy goddess is just an added bonus.

As anyone who has ever tried a mineral SPF will tell you, there’s a high chance you will end up with some form of white residue. We found consumers as a result applied less than the recommended amount and this sent shivers down our spines!

So, we went on a mission to create a product that you could use prior to your SPF that had the most magical abilities to transform even the palest of sunscreens into a flattering bronze shade! All you need to do is add a single drop to your moisturiser, apply your SPF on top after and watch the bronzed pigmented glow still shine through! 

*This product does not contain sun protection. 

Add Prior To or After Your SPF: Whilst we know mineral sunscreens can truly never be invisible. We do know you can still wear a mineral SPF and look like a bronzed goddess because MOTHER SPF created just the product to do so. The product is pigmented enough that when you mix with your moisturiser and apply SPF on top after, the bronzed glow still shines through and mitigates any white cast. 

Mix with your Moisturiser/Serum: This is a great alternative to foundation for an all over healthy, dewy look. Much better for your skin and doesn’t stain your clothes like foundation does!

A Single Foundation for All Seasons: Adding a few drops to an existing foundation makes one shade work year-round without the need to invest in yet another product. We like to look after your wallet and your skin!

Bronzer or Highlighter: Great if you feel your powder bronzer is making your skin look dull or want to highlight your cheekbones.

Body Highlighter: The founder likes to mix this with her body oil and apply all over her body when she has a special event to go to! 


Add a TINY drop to your skincare or makeup routine for a gorgeous glow.This formula is HIGHLY concentrated and has been designed to mix in with your skincare. 

TIP: We find the best tactic is to apply your moisturiser onto the back of your hand + 1 drop of MOTHER OF PEARL, swirl it all together with a foundation brush or your fingers and apply all over the face. Plus apply a little extra just onto the cheekbones for some cheek bone definition.

FOUNDER TIP: I love to use this on my body too by using a little bit of oil on my body and applying in little drops along my arms/legs and collarbone.


What’s the finish like?

While it’s concentrated, it’s a very sheer formula. I.e. don’t expect it to offer any coverage. Instead expect enough shimmer to give you a natural, luminous glow, without being a disco ball and having just enough colour to look like you have just gotten back from a holiday in the Bahamas!

Can I use it every day?

It’s been designed for everyday use. It shields you from environmental aggressors, adds hydration + antioxidants to the skin and makes you look like a glowy bronzed goddess. Why wouldn’t you?

Who is this product for?

Skin microbiome queens, bronzer lovers, and pretty much anyone who likes their skin to look glowing, healthy, and gorgeous (so everyone right?).