Why wearing Mineral SPF is the secret to your future face

Why wearing natural SPF is the secret to your future face

The good news? Being sun smart is trending right now. The bad news? That tube of commercial SPF lurking in your vanity since last summer isn’t going to cut it. Sure you would rather spend your lolly on Tik Tok's newest trending beauty item, but it isn’t going to give you good future face.

Embracing an all-natural SPF laced with premium skin-loving ingredients is the best beauty move you can make. Every single day. 

Here’s why…

UV rays are super-bad for your skin

There are two types - UVA and UVB.  Research tells us they are both utter demons and can cause skin damage, ageing and worse. Pouring with rain and don’t think you need to Mother-up? Wrong. Rain or shine they are always there. Studies show that UVA rays hover at around the same level all day, and UVB rays go crazy around lunchtime. UVB rays are what make your skin sizzle and UVA rays delve deep into your skin where they kick-start the ageing process – think wrinkles, crinkles, fine lines, sunspots and pigmentation. You may not see the effects straight away, but rest assured, you will see them in the future.  

Sunscreen, as nature intended, is better for your health *In our opinion 

Natural sunscreens are also called physical sunscreens because they skilfully create a physical barrier between your skin and the sun. Unlike commercial chemical sunscreens, physical sunscreen isn’t absorbed into the skin– it sits safely on its surface shielding you from both UVA and UVB rays.  The secret to its super powers? Zinc oxide. You know, like the thick white paste on a Bondi lifesaver’s nose. Whilst traditionally claggy and thick, at Mother it is micronised to a super sheer formula so it works seamlessly for day-to-day wear. Clever.

Sunscreen is the ultimate anti-ageing treatment 

Ask any dermatologist and they will tell you the only way to stop ageing in its tracks is physical sunscreen. I like to think of sunscreen as part of my morning beauty regime. After cleansing and moisturising, I squeeze 1/3 Tsp of MOTHER SPF into my hands and scatter it all over my face. I don’t stop at my jawline either – I extend it all the way down my neck and onto my décolletage. For the body, start from your shoulders and work your way right down to your toes. Recruit a helper to do your back, and always pay attention to those tricky and vulnerable spots like tops of feet, between toes, and backs of knees. 

So if a kid who baked herself like a pork chop on a BBQ, can, at 29, be OBSESSED with sunscreen, I know you can do it too. Just think gorgeous flawless future skin and make MOTHER SPF a non-negotiable step of your daily beauty routine. Honestly it’s Mother Nature’s way – and Mother always knows best

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