#MOTHERMUSE Natascha Scutts

LOVEBYT is toothpaste. But not as you know it. 
Founded by Natascha Scutts in 2018 after not being able to find elevated health-conscious oral care products. 
We chat to Natascha all about her business journey and what has helped her the most along the way.

Tell us about LOVEBYT and the catalyst behind starting it?

LOVEBYT stands for LOVE BY T – for Tash and when we put these letters together it spelt LOVEBYT which I thought would be a great name for an oral beauty company. 

I have 2 vegan daughters who are very health conscious and I saw a gap in the market for a natural toothpaste that had the same user experience of the supermarket brands but was made from natural botanicals, was vegan and had no chemical nasties. It was also important that my product was Australian made. 

What has been your biggest hurdle so far?

This has been disrupting a market that has been tightly held by heritage brands for over 50 years. We have worked hard to gain customer confidence that our botanical oral beauty products clean as effectively as regular toothpaste. More and more customers are making the switch to our healthier toothpaste offering and we are now recognised by holistic dentist. 

What have you learnt about running your own successful business, has anything surprised you or anything you wished you knew sooner?

I knew that running my own business would be a challenge but I didn’t want to ever regret not starting something myself. I think my resilience has surprised me and not getting worried when you get a “no” answer. Because “no” doesn’t mean never, it’s just means no right now. 

Do you have any must have rituals to help set your day up for success?

I get up around 5.30am most mornings and go to the gym. After this I get a coffee with one of my daughters and we walk for 40 mins. We live on the northern beaches in Sydney and our walks we have are very beautiful. By 8am I am home and feel ready to start my day.  

I get 8 hours sleep every night which also helps me to start my day feeling fresh. 

What does a typical day of operations look like for you? and can you recommend any good apps/books/resources etc that have massively helped you along the way?

As a small business I am across all aspects of operations. From marketing to finance, website upgrades & seeking new sales avenues. I have been described as a bit of a hustler. I believe that you can implement small changes, often to help improve business. Don’t just sit and wait for the answers, be proactive. The best book I have read and will always refer back to is Never Split the Difference, by Christopher Voss. This is all about negotiating and the lessons are invaluable. A must read for any business owner. 

The best advice you have ever received?

If it was easy then everyone would do it. 

Your favourite product from LOVEBYT  is.... 

Peppermint mouthwash for its powerful freshness and delicious flavour and cinnamon & clove toothpaste for the loveliest creamy foam and delicate menthol taste.

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