1. What is your approach to beauty?

Less is more. I am all about a natural approach to beauty. I am very bad at sticking to a routine so the less products I can use then the better for me. I prefer products that use natural ingredients, and I also believe that beauty starts from the gut so what you eat and your overall health is a huge factor.

2. Do you choose natural beauty? If so, why?

Yes absolutely! I think even more so now after having 2 daughters I want them to grow up embracing their natural beauty. I don’t want to even put an emphasis on beauty, more so the beauty of their soul, but I encourage them to celebrate their differences and to always feel good in their own skin.

3. What are your favourite natural beauty/skincare products?

Some products I swear by are La Mer - Creme De La Mer, I know the majority of the ingredients are naturally derived, and SK-11 facial treatment essence. Other products I like to switch up every now and then, i really love Mukti, Go-To,  Antipodes and Sodashi products too.

4. What skincare ingredients do you say NO to?

No nasties, no SLS, Parabens, formaldehyde, oxybenzones

5. What does your morning routine look like?

Its manic, its definitely not the same everyday. It does start lately with my hubby bringing me a coffee or a hot drink to my bed. Then its trying to wrangle two kids and I like to write a list at the start of the day otherwise i get sidetracked from what I have to do.

6. When do you reach for your SPF?

I wear SPF on my face everyday. It always goes on at the start of every day, and then again if we are heading out to the beach or if I will be in the sun.

7. What do you look for in an SPF product? For you and for Bella?

Something that we can both use is ideal. I want something thats lightweight and not too sticky and thick, but something that has all the right ingredients in it. There are so many good natural products on the market now, and our skin and our children’s precious skin absorbs whatever we put on it, so I always make sure that we are using the best products for them. I also love something that smells delicious!

8. Describe a typical day for you?

Chasing Bella around, pretending I am a princess/dog/her sister/her friend/ unicorn with her, squeezing in some e-mails, getting out into nature for some sort of adventure, wanting to nap but not getting time to, being a full time snack b*tch, cooking 55 meals and cleaning them up only to start cooking again.

9. What do you do when your body needs to recover? when you’re tired or rundown: what is your beauty hack?

Make sure you drink extra water. So simple, but so effective. It always brightens my skin, and gives me more energy. 

10. What does Holistic nutrition mean to you?

I think looking at health from a holistic point of view that the emotional, mental and physical part of you all need to be at optimal levels to function at your best is definitely something we focus on in our family. We also have moments of our glutton where we fall off the wagon and I think everything in moderation is important but we try to fit in the 80/20 healthy food ratio. I feel lighter emotionally when I am eating well, and it encourages our daughter to eat better too. I have more energy to keep up with her, I’m more hormonally stable, I have more motivation and I just generally feel better when I am looking after myself.

11. What is your go-to meal when you only have 10 minutes? 

I love food sooooo much, so this question is like asking me to choose my favourite child. It depends what mood I am in, but my go-to’s would have to be; avo and boiled eggs with lemon and chilli flakes on gluten free toast, a gluten free felafel salad, banana gluten free oats with coconut, chia, almond milk, cashew butter, hemp seeds and buckwheat, or bean taco’s.

12. What’s your dream wellness vacay? 

I think something on an island where exercise wasn’t the absolute be all and end all would be ideal. Somewhere that I could take my partner and friends and activities like hikes, stand up paddle boarding, surfing (teeny tiny waves), yoga etc could be part of the fitness regime so it didn’t feel like all work and no play. Something that has delicious healthy food served at meals, but where you are able to have a cocktail at the end of the day if you feel like it too because I think its important to make the soul happy.

13. Do you have an evening wind-down ritual?

I don’t have much time after the hectic dinner, bath and bed time with Bella but I find a hot shower at the end of the day puts me in such a good sleep zone. I enjoy that time of the day so much because it feels like you can finally take a breath and take some time out with your partner after being crazy parent all day. 

14. Best health advice you’ve ever received?

Listen to your body. If you are really in tune with yourself you notice when certain things need attention, but its so easy to continue to carry on and let the problem progress. Early detection can make the world of difference. Also, don’t forget to drink water!

15. What does ageing gracefully mean to you?

Staying happy and healthy and not fitting into the conformity that you think has been set out for you. Don’t compare yourself to others and learn to love your differences. 

16. What beauty advice would you give you your younger self?

The earlier you start to look after the skin the better it will be. Don’t wait until its too late and then try and catch up. Whatever you do don’t forget to wear SPF every day! 

17. Who are your beauty icons?

My mum, Cindy Crawford, Zoe Foster Blake.

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