What is your approach to beauty?

I try to really look after and maintain my skin, hair, brows etc so then I don’t need to do much on a daily basis.  With two small children I rend to be fairly time poor, especially in the mornings!  I don’t have time for an extensive makeup application or their styling most days.  I also try to keep my products clean where possible, particularly at the moment as I am pregnant.  Avoiding nasties and toxins in my products is important to me.

What does your current morning routine look like?

I am usually up by 6.30am and cooking breakfast for my daughters.  I like to make myself a smoothie while I’m cooking breakfast and packing lunchboxes etc because I find it energises me when compared to a heavy breakfast and I can also drink it on the go.  If I have time before the school run I like to spend a few minutes outside in the sunshine practicing mindfulness to keep me calm during the day.

What is your daily ritual?

I absolutely love rituals and routine, so I have many!!  I can’t start my day properly without my cup of green tea in the morning, and I love reading my girls stories every night before their bedtime.

When do you reach for your SPF?

Daily!!! I think living in beautiful sunny Australia means you need to protect your skin all the time.

What do you look for in a good SPF?

I like it to have a clean ingredient list and be environmentally friendly. It also needs to do the job! To be easy to apply and to not leave a white cast.

What do you do for work? What does a typical day look like for you?
I am a private jeweller.  I make bespoke fine jewellery pieces commissioned by clients.  This is often engagement rings, but also I get asked to make special pieces for birthdays and anniversaries or major life events such as a job promotion or having a baby.  I love being part of these special moments and helping a client’s dream piece come to fruition.  I work by appointment, so after the school run I am often in my office in Double Bay meeting with clients.  Most days I will also pop into the workshop in the city to meet with the manager and the jewellers there to check all my current jobs and make sure everything is progressing well!  Before school pick up time, I usually fit in a pilates or spin class as well.  Every day is a bit of a juggle trying to fit it all in!

 What do you do when your body needs to recover? 
I am a big believer in eating very nutritious food and very early nights when I feel I need them.  I’m also partial to an afternoon nap on the weekends, sleep is the best healer!  if I feel like I’m coming down with something I always make a big green vegetable juice in my slow juicer at home with lots of ginger and turmeric, I swear it helps!

What is your favourite retox?
My heaven is a beautiful dinner out with lots of great friends and delicious wine.  Some of my favourites in Sydney are Mr Wong, Fratelli Paradiso and Bert’s in Newport.  

Best health advice you’ve ever received?
My dear grandfather who lived to 98 years old always said to do 'everything in moderation’ and that’s sort of what I strive towards.  I figure it's hard go too far wrong if you are keeping a good balance.

What does ageing gracefully mean to you?
I am still trying to work that one out if I’m honest.  Mentally, I love getting older, gaining knowledge and experience, and (hopefully) making wiser decisions as I go.  Physically, I try to really look after my skin and health now so I set myself up well for the future.  That means a good diet and exercise, high quality active skin products and a great SPF.  And also letting my hair down once in a while and having a night out with friends!

What beauty advice would you give your younger self?

Don’t smoke! Go to bed earlier!

Who are your beauty icons?

Audrey Hepburn had a classic and timeless look and style that was beautiful in any era.

What is your favourite activity to do with your girls?

Ideally I try to do things we all enjoy.  In Summer, we love to go to the beach.  The girls will play in the sand and water for hours and I get a bit sun (with Mother on hand, of course!) and salt water which is just my favourite thing.

At the end of a good day, what do you say to yourself as your head hits the pillow?
Usually I’m thinking about what needs to be done tomorrow!  

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