#MOTHERMUSE: Ambra Maddalena

Introducing our next #MOTHERMUSE for our Start Up Series. Meet Ambra the stylish founder of Ambra Maddalena, a Perth based clothing brand that started in 2017 and is now successfully recognised globally. ⁠

Ambra has been invited to Miami Swim Show numerous times and been worn by the likes of Kylie Jenner. Very impressive for someone that operates only with a small team. You can read all about her journey and how she sets herself up for daily success below 

Tell us about Ambra Maddalena and the catalyst behind starting it?

I started Ambra Maddalena because I thought it would be fun and something to keep me busy after I had finished my broadcasting degree – nothing could have prepared me for the success in the years that came and all the hard work that was required!

What has been your biggest hurdle so far?

Starting with a lower budget meant that I really needed to become a ‘Jack of all trades’ – a lot of people say business owners wear many hats - this couldn’t be truer. I have been accounting, sales, marketing, designer, technical assistant, e-commerce manager, showroom manager, customer care, photographer – I could go on! However, learning to know where your time is best spent and outsourcing what you aren’t good at has been my challenge as I want to be involved in everything!

Is there anything that you feel like is not talked about enough when it comes to starting your own business? Or do you wish you knew sooner?

Hustle and hustle some more. There is always something else you can be doing to grow your brand. Up-skilling yourself is the best gift you can give to your brand!

What does a typical day of operations look like for you at Ambra Maddalena?

I come in early morning and send off orders that have come through overnight. I am very organised and have a year to-do list broken down to months and weeks that I populate with tasks as they arise, I also use this template to remind myself of follow ups and check ins with accounts/manufactures.

After I have settled in, I look at my list and check to see if there is anything pressing to do that day. At the moment I’m getting ready to drop my Resort’23 range ( for this I’ll do things like edit campaign imagery, create products online for my e-store, make sure all the product info is correct and send off stock my stockists).

I’m also collating my AW23 orders that will drop in Feb/March 2023 that have come through from my agent which, once compiled, I’ll send to my manufacturers. I’m also receiving samples for my SS23 range that I’ll shoot in Feb on location, here I’ll be fitting samples and confirming the range plan. It’s really busy, but I love this time of the year!

Do you have any must have rituals to help set your day up for success?

Yes, it’s a bit of a cliché but I work out Monday to Friday at a 5:30 or 6am class. This sets my day up with purpose and I treat my work out time like an appointment in my diary – I never miss a class if I can help it. Also being organised really helps me plan and be as successful as possible, I’m very creative and my mind jumps around a lot so having everything written out and visuals makes me secure in knowing that I’m getting all tasks done.

What’s your favourite thing about running your own business and on the flipside, the one thing you dislike the most about running your own business?

I love the satisfaction of knowing I’ve created this successful business, I love the flexibility and knowing I have what it takes to be a business woman. The one thing I dislike is that I am very hard on myself with extremely high expectations, I never stop to smell the roses. I also have a very small team so big decisions are all on me, I do of course have council I can call on but AM is 100% owned by me – sometimes the pressure is a lot to handle!

Can you recommend any good apps/podcasts/books/resources etc that have helped you grow Ambra Maddalena? - Can be on a business front or a personal development front.

This is hard as I really am so busy to ingest resources on the side, I’d love it if someone gave me podcasts to listen to? Two books that I liked and resonated were Reboot by Jodie Fox (the rise and fall of Shoes of Prey/cautionary tale for entrepreneurs) and of Dust and Gold by Samantha Wills – two great tales of girls just like me and how hard they worked to get their brands off the ground. I also love the Business Wars podcast now that I think of it – it’s about comparing big brands like Patagonia/North face and Coke/Pepsi and how they rose up to be the biggest names in their field!

Your favourite piece from Ambra Maddalena is

I’m loving the Delilah Mini Dress from Drop 2 of our Spring range! The shoulders and the fun-ness of the dress is dramatic and delightful!

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