Brushing your teeth - A task you do morning & night.... a task that involves a high chance of you accidentally swallowing it (ops)..... and a task our parents force us to do from a young age - despite our best efforts of convincing them "I already brushed my teeth"
Toothpaste might just be the most important thing to go clean with after all! 
The thing is your toothpaste does not need to contain potentially harmful ingredients to work effectively (and nor does your oral microbiome want a mouthful of them!) 

We like to keep our lips sealed from the below culprits:

    • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) - It's found in cleansers, body wash and unfortunately toothpaste and it is what gives you that playful foam. It's mostly derived from Palm Oil which comes with a host of environmental issues but that's for another day. The issues arises as it can be contaminated with toxic byproducts (like1,4 dioxane a known human carcinogen) during the manufacturing process. 
    • Fluoride - It's already added to the Australian water supply, so we don't find the need to add it to toothpaste! Especially as when too much fluoride is ingested, it can lead to fluoride toxicity. 
    • Triclosan - A pesticide that is added to toothpaste as an antibacterial agent. Firstly we don't like the idea of ingesting a pesticide and secondly just like our skin microbiome, we have an oral microbiome which is KEY to healthy teeth! Triclosan strips both the good and bad bacteria from our mouth leaving an unbalanced oral microbiome.
    • Aspartame - An artificial sweetener and TBH most brands (even the 'clean') use artificial sweeteners. However Aspartame has been linked to behavioural and cognitive problems... So we like to keep this one away from our kids especially! Instead look for Xylitol. 

MOTHER SPF has tried and tested a bunch over the years.

Our criteria -  It has to perform i.e remove stains/fresh breath/healthy gums and it has to taste good! And this has to be achieved using only naturally derived ingredients and ZERO tolerance for any of the nasty culprits above. 


Made & Owned by a lovely local female (Tash) in NSW. The focus is on using naturally derived ingredients that are oral microbiome friendly. As we are microbiome obsessed this was an easy win! 


Another local Australian business. It's a family business that has been operating for over 30 years! FUN FACT: The name ‘Grants’  comes from the street in which they lived on at the time (how wholesome!). It sells at Woolies and makes an easy purchase. The Cinnamon flavour toothpaste is SO good too. 


A new brand that is smashing the eco friendly toothpaste vibe! The toothpaste comes in a glass bottle that is refillable! They sell the re-fill pouches online. This pretty much sold me straight away - plus of course they use natural ingredients, vegan, taste good, cleans well and Australian made.

These are my current favourites and luckily there are LOTS more great options out there for you to try





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