Every morning I read for 30-60 minutes before starting my working day and I end my day by going for a long walk with a podcast.
Somewhere in between I stumble across an inspiring person to follow and a product that does wonders for my health. 
I learn a lot within these moments and would love to share the good moments with my #MOTHERMATES - save you having to sift through boring books, monotone podcasts and wasted time on social media. 
READING:  Never Split The Difference
Author Chris Voss, a former FBI hostage negotiator presents a fresh and effective approach to negotiating in both personal and professional contexts. The author's real-world experience and tips are invaluable for improving communication and achieving successful outcomes. 
I find Amazon has the best price and quickest delivery. Purchase here
LISTENING:  Huberman Lab
Andrew Huberman is a Professor of Neurobiology. Huberman gives you behavioural tools ("do's and don'ts") that can easily be implemented into your life in order to optimise your health.
My favourite episodes are the 6 episodes with Dr. Andy Galpin 
LOVING:  Redmond Life Re-Lyte Electrolyte Mix
My favourite supplement to prevent energy slumps by replenishing my electrolyte stores. Important electrolytes such as sodium and potassium can be depleted in response to exercise, illness, dehydration, or age. I love this brand as they have the optimum ratio of electrolytes and the range is clean without the sugar, artificial flavours, and additives of many commercially-available electrolyte powders.
I buy unflavoured but the pina colada flavour is YUM. I purchase through online Australian stores Stoneage Health, Lytes or Lovelowcarb 
Ema is a qualified naturopath and fertility educator and offers worldwide support to help you understand & enhance your fertility to optimise conception 🕊
She offers great tips and reels on her instagram daily 
"I have been praying for a product like this! I have had sooo many sunscreens in my cabinet that I haven’t wanted to use because they give me that white cast. It felt like money wasted… until this product! I mixed a couple drops in and suddenly my bathroom cabinet is revived. It’s also replaced my tinted moisturiser and again I can save even more $! Well done on this product Mother, it’s genius!"
Shop Endless Holiday Skin HERE
 I hope MOTHERs monthly mood encourages you to reach for a book over your phone, to listen to a podcast over reality TV and to follow someone inspiring to help you return to simplicity. 
xx Tandia 

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