A Crash Course on Climate Change

On a serious note, as we emerge into a new decade with more pressure on our planet than ever before, bushfires rage across the continent of Australia at an unprecedented rate, and the need for climate action has never felt more urgent. In this week’s episode on the blog, we’re talking all things climate change, what is actually happening to our planet, and how we can take tangible action to slow global warming down.

A quick crash course on global warming: For those of us who aren’t up to speed on the climate crisis, the planet is warming at a rather alarming rate. The globe is already 1 degree warmer this year than ever, which seems like an insignificant amount, but can mean serious changes for the climate we are used to. Essentially, the cause of this warming is due to greenhouse gasses being released into the atmosphere, which get trapped beneath the ozone layer and cause temperatures to rise, eventually causing extreme changes for the weather and climate. The major causes of these greenhouse gases are mining for coal, gas and oil, and are also contributed to by the ways in which we power and live our modern lives. The Australian bushfires are one of a myriad examples of the kind of natural weather disasters we can expect should the globe continue warming at the rate it currently is, which has wiped out over 10m Hectares of land, killed over a billion animals, and 28 lives have been lost so far.

Tangible steps to take: While this all feels like a lot of distressing information, there are tangible steps you can take to ensure your carbon footprint is as low as possible, giving the earth a better chance at slowing the climate change disaster. For example: taking public transport instead of driving, being conscious of how much energy you’re using in your household, purchasing from brands that champion sustainable practices, consuming less meat and dairy, and writing in to your local representatives to let them know that climate change is an issue that is important to you.

Where MOTHER comes in: If you are interested in following the aforementioned tangible steps, you can rest easy knowing that MOTHER SPF ticks the boxes of championing sustainable practices across the board. We have no business or intention adding to the planet’s issues. Our tubes are made via a closed loop, Post Consumer Recycling system, recycling these plastics calls for less resources to deplete energy and water that could be used for more important causes. Our tubes are filled in Australia using 100% solar power.  With every order of MOTHER SPF, your PCR tube will come in a reusable canvas cotton sack, and our mailing bags are 100% biodegradable, home-compostable materials made from 70-80% PLA (completely biodegradable co-polymer) and 20-30% PLA (a fancy term for corn starch). We are also 100% vegan and cruelty free.

When it comes to planetary wellbeing, we all have a long way to go in becoming as sustainable as possible. As we strive to tackle climate change head on, we’d recommend doing it with understanding and kindness towards one another and doing our best to make the changes that matter.

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