Recycle your bottles

Return and Recycle your empties!

Recap: As you know, our tubes are made from the plastic that normally ends up in landfill and we are therefore trying our best to not add any further virgin plastic into the world.

They are also 100% recyclable. Which TBH is not actually as great as it sounds.

The majority of recyclable products don’t actually get recycled in Australia.

In order for recyclable plastics to be recycled, lids need to be separated from the bottles and washed sparkling clean before they go into the bin.

So let us do it for you and together, let’s close the MOTHER SPF packaging loop.


  1. Collect 5 or more tubes before returning them to us to help reduce carbon emissions.
  2. Email for a return auspost label.
  3. We will email you the label and you just need to pop to the post office and show them the email which will have a barcode for them to print.

We understand the process of returning your bottles takes a little effort and an undesirable trip to the post office! We are therefore very grateful for your loyal support to help us do better.