What’s the best way to remove MOTHER SPF?

Meet Barb de Corti the founder of Sante by ENJO, a super soft, reusable cleansing wipe. We were lucky enough to interview her on the best way to use Sante and her thoughts on needing to ‘double cleanse’ at night - necessary or just pure marketing? 

How did SANTE come about?

Santé was created by ENJO in 1994, for people who had serious wounds. For example, after an operation or severe burns. The gentle, yet effective fibre technology allowed for regular cleaning to avoid bad scarring. Research revealed that water and the fine fibres performed better and were less painful for patients. Today, Santé’s sustainable and stylish range is perfect for chemical-free skincare from head to toe.   

What differentiates SANTE to other brands on the shelves? 

Put simply, Santé’s fibre technology is what sets us apart. Our super soft, super fine fibres only require water to remove makeup, cleanse and exfoliate.  All of our products are also made to the highest standard (by hand) in Austria. As a company, we don’t just want to deliver the best quality products, but also strive for the least impact on the people who manufacture them and the planet.

How does SANTE work? And how does the skin benefit from using no product?

Santé products lift and trap all traces of makeup and impurities. Santé skin care works by removing the build-up of dirt, dead skin cells and excess oil gently. Our patented ENJOtex fibres are 100 times finer than a human hair and can cleanse with zero chemicals – simply add water! By just using water, Santé avoids aggravating or dehydrating your skin with chemicals or fragrance. The fine fibres slough away skin cells to reveal healthy cells underneath and prevent pores from becoming blocked. To see Santé’s smart fibre technology at work, watch this video.

What are the most common mistakes you see people making when it comes to cleansing and looking after their skin?

Over cleansing with products which just cleanse the surface and don’t offer a deep clean. In contrast, over exfoliation is also a massive problem, as it leaves micro-tears on the skin. This leaves skin exposed for the bacterium porphyrin to enter, which causes acne and pimples. 

What are your thoughts on needing to ‘double cleanse’ at night, is it necessary or just pure marketing?

Great marketing…but totally not necessary if you use the right products. Your skin is either clean or it isn’t! What companies are actually saying is that their products aren’t working hard enough to clean the first time around. 

What’s your approach to looking after your skin? Do you adopt more of a ‘less is more’ approach?

I’m all about a less is more approach! However, I always use a good quality sunscreen (MOTHER SPF is my go to) and moisturiser without fail every day. 

Self-care is about more than just skincare and makeup. How else do you practice it?

For my physical and mental health, I run and eat well. I believe kindness and surrounding yourself with awesome people from all walks of life is equally as important. 

Sante has some amazing sustainability initiatives within the company, can you talk us through them? And the benefits of switching to reusable wipes? 

Firstly, all Santé products are machine washable and reusable for 3 years, so you’ll create less waste compared to traditional single-use beauty products (e.g. makeup wipes). Secondly, our fibres are upcycled. Once products have expired after 3 years, we send them back to Austria carbon neutral, to be repurposed. Now that’s skincare that loves your skin and the planet!

We love a good quote! Do you have any favourite quotes or phrases that you live by?

When it comes to business I always tell myself there is enough for everyone. We are never in competition with anyone, we make it our mission to educate the consumer to make a discerning decision if our product aligns with their needs and values.

Why did you decide to partner with MOTHER SPF, and what’s your favourite thing about MOTHER SPF? 

Mother SPF are a brand that aligns with who we are and shares our values. So they get a big high-five from us! They are also more than happy to stand with us in our mission to make an impact on the health of the planet. An everyday sunscreen that cares.


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