From working in finance to studying cosmetic chemistry and now working at ONDA beauty. A luxe clean beauty store co-founded by Larissa Thomson and Naomi Watts in New York and Sydney. 

Meet Carol Ahmed, the new director of the Sydney store. How did she go from working in finance to studying cosmetic chemistry and falling in love with clean beauty? Well we wanted to know the same thing!

Let’s find out!

How did you get into clean beauty?

My studies in cosmetic chemistry gave me a new perspective on ingredients, their function and the effect on different skin types. I started researching the topic of clean beauty and formed my own opinion on what it means. Working at ONDA Beauty, I've been influenced by our co-founders Larissa Thomson and Naomi Watts who have shared their insights into why it's important to promote holistic beauty and I'm proud of the fact that we only partner with brands who share the same philosophy. I've been fortunate enough to speak to many passionate founders (including Tandia Walsh) and their stories have both inspired and opened my eyes into the importance of understanding the intention behind each product and the ingredients we're putting onto our skin - which can have an affect on both our physical and mental health. 

There's so much confusion around what is 'clean beauty', what's you definition and take on it?

Clean beauty is such a broad term, I think the confusion arises from the miseducation, lack of regulation and false marketing that has resulted in "green-washing". For me, clean beauty is a personal choice, a way of thinking and often reflects a person's lifestyle and beliefs. It's about choosing products that are consciously formulated, effacacious, sustainable, innovative and most importantly, safe. Instead of being too caught up in a buzz word, I think what's important is for brands to be purpose-driven and have considered both the human, social and environmental impact of their products, putting more focus on what is in their formulas rather than what has been excluded. 

What's been the most rewarding aspect, moving to clean beauty?

Moving to clean beauty, I gained the peace of mind that the products I'm using are not going to compromise my health. I also became more conscious about lifestyle choices. I began to focus on my overall health and wellbeing beyond just skincare which has been invaluable. I've introduced clean beauty products to many of my close friends and family who have seen dramatic differences in their skin and their spirit. 

Where have you seen the benefits? your skin? your wallet! maybe you're conscience?

I have definitely seen a difference on my skin, particularly when I use products that source the highest quality ingredients in active concentrations, and are powered by nature. There is a higher price to pay for these products but I think it's worth it. I also love being a more conscious consumer, that my purchases are making a positive economic, social and environmental impact. 

Where do you shop for clean beauty?

I may be biased but ONDA Beauty really does have the best curation of clean beauty products that can be trusted, and have been tried and tested to suit all skin types. It can be overwhelming for some, but our skin therapists conduct virtual consultations for anyone interested in making the switch to clean beauty. 

What are your fav clean beauty brands?

At the moment I'm loving Furtuna Skin, Marie Veronique and of course Mother SPF.


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