What does “Skincare” mean to MOTHER SPF?

What does “Skincare” mean to MOTHER SPF? (P.S it has a clue in its name) 

It’s about caring for the skin. Caring is not adding 80 ingredients at a time in one application, followed by the rest of your ‘10 step skincare routine” that also can contain another 80 ingredients in each single application. 

Looking after your skin does not mean taking great ingredients and diluting them to the point of being ineffective, and then adding a bunch of silicones, shimmer’s, colours and fragrance. That isn’t caring for your skin. That’s just shitty makeup and a great marketing campaign. 

The way MOTHER SPF see’s it - if any ingredient that does not directly impact the well-being of the skin, it doesn’t belong in skincare. Skincare should be exclusively about caring for the skin—its moisture, it's hydration, its structural integrity, and its safety and protection.

The skin is our largest organ in which we breathe through our pores and excrete toxins through the perspiration process. Like all parts of our body, the skin is made up of cells that need nutrients and oxygen to survive. So, what we put on our skin needs to be safe and provide nutritious value. 

When you’re eating, it goes all over the body, but we’ve realised that by putting these products on our face and body, we’re feeding an organ and therefore it has the same effect.

To really care and nourish our skin, MOTHER SPF only uses natural ingredients. Plants are filled with nutrients that share distinct molecular and structural similarities and have the same natural regenerative abilities as the oils and nutrients in our body. This bio-match allows the ingredients to work synergistically with your skin, not against it. 

Australia is renowned for its hot , harsh climate. Plants have been dealing with the sun for millions of years longer than we have and have had to learn how to survive and adapt. It’s not a coincidence that the best sun protecting and skin-repairing ingredients are botanically sourced (and also happen to be in MOTHER SPF)

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