MOTHER MANUAL: Cleaning Products

Home Sweet Home! 

There is nothing better than coming home to a clean house right? 
** Well there is ** It's doing it all with green cleaning products that don't compromise on your families health or the environment. 
Conventional cleaning products contain several different types of harmful ingredients. These range from the active agents that pose the most risk, to the fragrances, solvents, and thickeners that make products the right scent and consistency.
By switching to green cleaning products you will avoid breathing in harsh chemicals which can cause respiratory infections. This is especially important if you also have little ones, breathing in toxic fumes from a young age can make them more susceptible to long-term health problems such as asthma.
Not only are this potent chemicals a strong concern for our health but they are also detrimental to MOTHER nature. Conventional household cleaners do not mix well with natural resources. In fact ALOT of the chemicals used can’t be removed at water treatment facilities, so they eventually make their way into our major waterways :(
Luckily, just like natural skincare, natural cleaning products have come a long way! They can be just as effective as the conventional stuff and they leave the house smelling delightful! 

MOTHER's tried and tested cleaning brands:

I buy most of my cleaning products from my local bulk food store. You don't need anything fancy when it comes to dish washing liquid, laundry powder etc. However there a few items that I am hooked on. 

Bleach free shower cleaner - I swear by this for a mould free shower!

Floor Cleaner - It smells so damn good. 

Kitchen bench cleaner - It has such a clean ingredient list that it's comforting to have something so safe near food (whilst also still disinfecting) 

For gleaming, streak-free windows and mirrors 

Overall I also like the below brands - My most favourite is definitely Koala Eco! I am blown away by the effectiveness of all their products. 

For the Coles or Woolies shopper: Eco Store, Macro Organics, Organic Choice, Earth Choice 

Health Food stores/Online SimplyClean, Koala Eco, The Dirt Company, Abode

**Nourished Life Online is great for the above. 


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