Here’s what you need to know about our packaging,
and why we’re doing things differently at MOTHER AUS SPF.


Given the current climate crisis, we have no business or intention adding to the planet’s issues. Our tubes are made via a closed loop, Post Consumer Recycling system. This means that all of our tubes of the good stuff are made from the recyclable plastics that end up in landfill and are safe to use again. They are then washed, dried, made into pellets, crystallized, and later made into another form AKA given new life and purpose at MOTHER AUS SPF, and resulting in a never-ending loop of sustainability.

This not only reduces plastic in landfill, but on our streets and in our waterways, too. In addition (yes, it gets better), recycling these plastics calls for less resources to deplete energy and water that could be used for far more important causes. To top it all off, our tubes are filled in Australia using 100% solar power.  


With every order of MOTHER AUS SPF, your PCR tube will come in a reusable canvas cotton sack that is both cute to carry, and put other things in (AKA snacks, sunglasses, love notes to friends) and is also a pal to our planet.

Cotton is one of the most sustainable, renewable, and biodegradable option which is why MOTHER AUS SPF is so keen on it. Plus it is resource-friendly to grow and process, making it the obvious choice for us. 


Our mailing bags are 100% biodegradable, home-compostable materials made from 70-80% PLA (completely biodegradable co-polymer) and 20-30% PLA (a fancy term for corn starch). Our mailing bags break down within 90 days in a compostable environment, and if you’ve not yet made it on the composting train, not to worry, because they will still break down in landfill and leave no waste or methane gas behind (contrary to traditional plastic bags which take 400 years to break down and release nasty stuff on their way out).

Our mailing bags are also waterproof, so no worries mate if it starts to rain and you need to perch your postal bag atop your head for shelter, and all of our marketing materials are made from 100% recycled card and vegetable ink, and our courier (Australia Post) is carbon neutral.

Our commitment to making the earth a better place doesn’t, and will never stop at the product itself. We are passionate and focussed on doing all that we can to support our planet in ways that are possible and available to us at all times! If you have any questions, don’t be shy to shoot us an email at and we’d be happy to chat all things sustainability.