MOTHER SPF For Mother Nature

If you’re feeling bewildered and confused about the movement towards natural skincare so were we, at first. Now that it’s second nature to us, and we are building a brand on this value-set, we thought it might be time to share our experience moving towards clean skincare.

At the end of the day, the skin is the bodies largest organ, and absorbs anything applied to it, which travels into the bloodstream and can do all kinds of rogue things from there. When provided a choice, we decided to say goodbye to skincare products containing potentially harmful chemicals, and have absolved to stick with the toxin free all-natural club in the future. Thankfully, natural skincare is rapidly evolving, and no longer looks like the patchouli smelling items sold in the corner of health food stores. Gone are the days where natural and efficacious are mutually exclusive, exciting stuff.

MOTHER SPF was born when a few years back, our co-founder, Tandia Walsh’s mother was diagnosed with Leukaemia. After extensive research to help her mother reduce the amount of toxic chemicals in her skincare whilst undergoing treatment, Tandia discovered the amount of nasty chemicals can be in conventional sunscreens can be, and couldn’t find a mineral sunscreen suitable for everyday wear, so she decided to be a boss lady and make her own. Luckily, as the world wakes up to the potential dangers of the chemicals found in sunscreens (see why here and here) the natural alternative possibilities are endless, and MOTHER SPF is proud to be a part of the movement with 100% natural and organic ingredients, making it safe for even the tiniest of humans.

Ingredients such as parabens, synthetic fragrance, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfate, petroleum and mineral oils are all chemical based ingredients that have no business being in your skincare products. These ingredients have been linked to cancer, skin irritation, birth defects and hormone disruption. We’re not in the business of fear mongering here, so we’d like to preface that none of these links have been proven, and to do more thorough research before making any drastic decisions for yourself, but we’re of the mindset that says if avoidable, just avoid.

 The good news is that natural alternatives in 2020 are just as good as products with harmful chemicals in them, and are almost equally as accessible as the mainstream, making them a realistic and effective choice for almost everyone.

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