Introducing our first #MOTHERSKIN MUSE, Carmen McNamara - a Senior Dermal Therapist and Director of The Skin Fairy Clinic Claremont. 

I personally have been following Carmen for years (prior to MOTHER SPF too) and have always wanted to visit the fairies but I was too impatient to go on the high demanding waitlist (regrets!) - Lesson learnt because her skin transformations are nothing short of pure fairy magic! It was a dream come true when we got MOTHER onto the clinic shelves - and now I really do believe in fairies. 

We chat to Carmen on what she thinks is the most important skincare product, the best treatments for sun damaged skin (hopefully not needed) and her best tips on ageing gracefully (AMEN to that!)

What do you think is the most important skincare product in your routine? 

Definitely SPF, it should be an integral part of everyone’s homecare routine. I never miss a day and I would be lost without it. I wear it rain hail or shine and make sure my clients do also.

Why is it so important to wear SPF? 

The Australian UV rays are so extreme and more damaging than anyone really cares to listen, our Ozone layer has actually depleted so much over the past ten years that the UV rays are more damaging than ever. There is also the vain reason why SPF is so important.. anti-ageing (HELLO) 

What do you look for in an SPF?

A high quality zinc, as I find it so healing on the skin and am a huge fan of its anti-inflammatory properties, zinc also helps absorb and deflect sunlight, so that UV radiation doesn’t penetrate the epidermis! Win, win in my eyes.

Your favourite treatment for sun damaged skin? 

Definitely a high quality Vitamin A, paired SPF and in clinic we treat with light AHA peels and or IPL to help lift any pigmentation and or broken capillaries from sun damage.

Any other tips on ageing gracefully?

I think wear a hat, use your SPF, definitely get some sun as we do need Vitamin D, I like to think of us all as some sort of plant. We need sunlight and water to flourish, but do that smartly.. wear your MOTHER SPF AND A HAT!

What do you commonly see your clients doing wrong to their skin? 

Not wearing sunscreen during before or after treatments, it scares me. We live in Australia, climate change is real, the sun and the UVA and UVB rays are strong, skin cancers are still at an all-time high and for what reason? We have all the education in the world yet people still choose to pop their heads in the sand. I understand that ignorance can be bliss, but when you have to have a melanoma cut out of your face and then you come to see a Dermal Therapist like myself to help revise the scar, I will start by giving you an SPF which you could have been using in the first place.

Your best skin advice for healthy skin? 

Always treat internally as well as topically. Take your daily vitamins, drink plenty of water and always wear an SPF and love the person you are, inside and out.

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