MOTHER’s Ingredient PSA

Do you know what’s an important thing in the skincare world that people don’t talk enough about? Sustainably sourced ingredients, that’s what! 

Asking for a friend, but how often do you think as much about where your ingredients are coming from, as you do about whether or not they’ve arrived in your product? We’re betting not much, because this was never something front-of-mind for us, either. That is, until we realised how bloody important the origin of your ingredients is, in order to be reaping the benefits we’re all after.

When there are so many boxes to be ticked in the skincare realm these days, it can feel as though figuring out where ingredients come from is just another labour that literally zero people have time for. Thankfully (for you) we’ve put together some of the things to look for to make sure your ingredients aren’t doing the planet dirty.

Palm Oil

Not only one of the world’s leading causes of deforestation, the demand for palm oil producing is responsible for child labour, modern day slavery and huge human rights violations in Indonesia and Malaysia. The destruction of rainforests and the draining and burning of carbon-rich land for new plantations is releasing globally significant amounts of carbon pollution, causing hundreds of thousands of animals and microorganisms to lose their lives and homes, facing extinction. Palm Oil can be found beyond snack foods and has been snuck into many mainstream cosmetics making it a common ingredient on your bathroom shelf.


The role of GMO’s in food supply is well-known. GMO stands for ‘Genetically Modified Organism’, which essentially means genetic makeup has been modified to make them more resistant to herbicides and pests. Critics have linked consumption of GMO’s with infertility, immune problems, and other health issues. To be on the safe side, best to avoid at all costs, including in the things you slather your body with day in and day out.

The good news, amongst all of this, is that your sunscreen has you covered, at least. We’ve done the heavy lifting for you, so that you don’t have to open your own investigation into at least one product. MOTHER SPF is formulated without the above ingredients. The even better news is that all of our ingredients are sustainably sourced, from trusted suppliers, with all the certifications necessary to have you sleeping soundly at night, knowing that MOTHER’s got your back.

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