One of my favourite parts about MOTHER SPF is connecting with you, our supportive conscious community. 

With that in mind, I would love to share what I am reading, listening, following and loving each month, in the hopes that they might provide you with some joy and inspiration too.


Lifespan: Why We Age - and Why We don't Have To
By David A.Sinclair PhD

The Harvard Medical School doctor reveals that everything we think we know about ageing is wrong, and shares the surprising, scientifically-proven methods that can help readers live younger, longer.

Readers will discover how a few simple lifestyle changes – like avoiding too much animal protein, limiting sugar, avoiding x-rays, exercising with the right intensity, and even trying cold therapy – can activate our vitality genes.

Note taking is a must! The book is very heavy on scientific terms and if this is not your vibe I highly recommend the podcast instead. It’s basically a summary of the book and much easier to follow along.

Purchase the book HERE 

Listen to the podcast HERE


Joe Rogan Podcast Episode #1979 with Dr. Aseem Malhotra, MD.

Dr. Aseem Malhotra, MD, is an NHS Trained Consultant Cardiologist, and visiting Professor of Evidence-Based Medicine, Bahiana School of Medicine and Public Health, Salvador, Brazil. 

In this episode Dr. Aseem discusses the amount of corruption occurring within our healthcare system. Focusing on the pharmaceutical business model which is “Getting as many people, taking as many drugs as possible, for as long as possible.” 

The amount of corruption within the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry is beyond belief. I never thought a podcast could make me cry until I listened to this episode.The system is so flawed, it’s heartbreaking.

Listen to this important episode HERE:

You can follow Dr.Aseem HERE: 


The Skin Fairy Clinic,

The Perth based skin clinic is renowned for achieving transformative results for the most challenging of skin concerns (just take a look at their before and after photos to agree). I love following them for all their educational posts! You can tell they are always up to date with the latest research on skin treatments & skin conditions. 

You can follow the Skin Fairy for all skin education HERE:

The Skin Fairy founder, Carmen is also worth following. A super mum of 3 babies who is very honest when it comes to all things pregnancy and what personal care items you can use on your family. A very informative post here on what happens when you use a chemical sunscreen on your kids :( and why it's so important to use a mineral SPF when it comes to delicate skin. 


Omnilux Contour Face

When it comes to my skin I prefer to stick with non-invasive treatments. I haven't tried nor feel injectables, laser, peels etc etc are for me and instead I enjoy getting LED. I LOVE my Omnilux face mask and find it very effective at evening out my skin tone. I have had it for about 2 years now and swear by it! It’s expensive but it’s been one of the best investments I have personally made for my skin.

You can buy online in Australia - look for clinics that are offering a deal!  

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