Of Gold and Dust. Memoir of a Creative Life

By: Samantha Wills

A must-read for anyone who has a desire to start their own business, or a passion to live a creative life and follow their dreams. Her story is an inspiring blueprint for getting out there and finding the magic that awaits you.

One of the best memoirs I’ve ever read. I laughed, I cried, but most of all I related to it through and through. It’s written beautifully and you feel like Samantha is sitting down next to you telling you the real story behind such a successful international brand and the heartbreak that comes with such ‘success’. 


Low Tox Life Podcast

Alexx Stuart is great and someone I admire. She founded Low Tox Life in 2010 after seeing the lack of transparency in our food system, personal care and cleaning products. She's built a movement that's non-judgmental and positive. I like her podcast as she explores all aspects of health - from our tap water to the psychology of grief.

Love episode 337 with Dr Carrie Jones - All about the female hormones that are not getting enough publicity 


Jordan Pie

A Qualified Nutritionist + GAPS Practitioner. 

The absolute best when it comes to healthy swaps

MOTHER even got a special mention 🙂


Daily Breath work. The quickest way to calm your nervous system

I am subscribed to School of Breath, an online platform of guided breathwork videos designed for you to practise anywhere, anytime on any device. Breath videos range anywhere from 3 - 30 minutes and are suitable for all levels. It’s only $5 a week! 

I start every morning with breath work, you don’t need to get out of bed or sit up. You simply just breathe, allowing you to start your day with a clear mind and in a state of calm. 

MOTHER SPF was lucky enough the interview Meg, the founder of School of Breath. Meg discusses how breath work is incredible not just for your health, but also the health of your skin with all that extra oxygen! Read the interview here 

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