Meet the effortless, everyday sunscreen that cares. She’s loyal, she’s honest, she’s supportive, she’s the all-natural, well researched sun protection for literally anyone who doesn’t want to look like a dehydrated sultana.

We’re glad you’re here, so that we can tell you about all things MOTHER AUS SPF, especially if you’re new to the sunscreen game which, side note – please take a moment to ask yourself why you’ve been skipping maybe the most crucial step in your skincare until now. Fear not. We’ve got you covered (literally), to protect you from the number one cause of premature ageing, so you can carry on with your youthfully skinned, red wine drinking, sun spot free existence in peace.

MOTHER AUS SPF’s mission is simple – to bring you, the average person on planet earth who doesn’t have hours to spend on sunscreen research, a stress-free and all natural sun protectant solution that is both conscious in evolution and production and is a complete first in the sunscreen world. 


You heard it here first: MOTHER SPF will NEVER use Chemical UV absorbers – Why? They have been found to be endocrine disruptors, interfere with hormones, damaging to the thyroid and can cause allergic skin reactions. AKA, not an ideal solution.

You know what is and ideal solution? All MOTHER SPFs natural ingredients are sourced from known and trusted suppliers. MOTHER SPF only uses 9 ingredients because she believes less is more. Like the laid-back Australian babe, we all hate to love.


We’re not here to do the planet dirty any more than the population already has, which is why MOTHER SPF’s packaging is minimal AF - the product, a protective recycled box and a mailer bag is the only packaging that is needed to get the product from us to you. Bonus round: to limit our impact our tubes are made from 100% post-consumer plastics and filled using 100% solar power. We’ve also removed all the unnecessary stuff, so you can sleep well at night knowing that chemical UV absorbers preservatives, silicones, nano-particles, titanium oxide, animal derivatives, water, gluten, nut oils, fragrance or essential oils, animal testing, phthalates and parabens have absolutely not been used in any process of formulating MOTHER SPF.

MOTHER SPF is formulated differently from your usual, run of the mill sunscreens – MOTHER SPF contains no water, while other sunscreens can contain up to 85% water. The absence of water means MOTHER SPF requires no preservatives, since microorganisms are unable to grow in a water-free environment (if you don’t know, now you know). Bonus: They require none of the other synthetic compounds required when water is present - emulsifiers, stabilisers and thickeners. In short, when we made the decision to say CYA to water, we made room for pure ingredients - unrefined, and unchanged from their natural form. 


Tandia Walsh & Elle Peter

Elle Peter is a pale skinned, eczema suffering, marketing boss turned all-natural product loyalist and enthusiast, ready to make a change in the sunscreen game. She is a product integrity and customer service devotee, and knew that after Tandia shared her MOTHER SPF samples with her, she was sitting on something special that Elle wanted to help create.

MOTHER SPF was born out of necessity when a few years back, Tandia’s mother was diagnosed with Leukemia. After extensive research to help her mother reduce the amount of toxic chemicals in her skincare whilst undergoing treatment, Tandia discovered how nasty some conventional sunscreens can be and couldn’t find a mineral sunscreen suitable for everyday wear, so she decided to be a boss lady and make her own. Et voila! After throwing down in the kitchen, passionately studying the chemistry of ingredients, and partnering with expert formulators and PhD’s to develop the product to it’s highest performance and efficacy, she found a lab that could make it for her, and bring it to you. Enter: MOTHER SPF.